Monday, November 7, 2011

 I took a pledge to spend 30 days of giving.  What can I give as one person in the cog of a much larger wheel? As I think of this my heart shouts that I can give time. Time for others is a tremendous gift for young mothers who need time for themselves. They have so much on their plates and when the babysitter can't come, it is a blessing to have someone step in and say I will take your child. I will welcome them and make them feel loved.  I like to give this time to my daughters when I can. I know that I would do this whether being challenged or not. However, when a child is teething or needs a  hug when they crash and burn it takes patience to take time to smile and give a child what they need right now. It is easy to be busy and when children are around that changes what we want to get done for the day. I like to remember the words to a song I like from Steven Curtis Chapman: "You are changing the world, one little heartbeat at a time..." small but mighty changes to my agenda are powerful when it comes to the love we give a child.

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