Friday, November 19, 2010

An Apron for Thanksgiving!

I have an apron waiting on my table to sew for Thanksgiving.  It is going to be my first bias tape bound apron and I am excited to get started.  This will be a good way for me to remember those who gave me my passion for cooking on this wonderful day.  My mother made cobbler aprons in many colors with coordinating bias tape.  I am excited that this tradition of retro aprons is popular as they are symbols of those days when the kitchen was the heart of the home where families sat down for dinner together.

I also have one apron that my grandmother made and gave to me in 1965.  She made them from gingham and  embroidered wonderful teneriffe patterns on them. It will be hard to decide which of my two daughters to pass them along to!  I treasure this apron because it is such a good memory of my grandmother.

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