Thursday, November 18, 2010

Relaxing in the midst of chaos

Today I was at Costco, shopping for m Thanksgiving cooking spree.  It was busy.  Food tourists gathered aisle wide for tastes of bread with butter or a little Greek yogurt, salsa soup and my... oh my who knows what else.  It is a boost for sales and a bust for my zipping merrily through my list.  The lines were long and my cart was heavy.  While I waited in line I watched the people, intrigued by what they had in their carts.  It amazes me how much I can miss when I see someone with a great new toy or a good looking wheel of Brie but not enough to give my space in line!  It was good to slow down and watch.  Sometimes that isn’t easy.  Traffic…carts, people Oh it was busy…even walking out to my car.  After I finished unloading my groceries, a nice young man took my empty cart with his and put it away.  How sweet and it made up for all the near traffic jams inside the store!  I wonder if he is participating in the Thirty Day Challenge!

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