Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today is the Day....

“Today is the day, You have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it…” I love these words and the lively beat in Lincoln Brewster’s version of this song. How often I wonder how I will spend the day, and make it a joyful time.

Joy has many ways to pop up in our lives. This past month I pushed my enthusiasm to the limit. I sewed like I haven’t for years. My granddaughter asked me if I would be interested in helping her choir at school by mending their choir robes. I checked into this project with her teacher and brought home 19 robes in the first “batch” on the spot. Some needed hemming some had problems with the yokes and three needed new zippers. Separating zippers; you know, the kind that used to be readily available when fabric stores were simply “Fabric Stores” carrying all manner of fabric and notions. The project went fast and as I noticed the yokes that needed sewing down I realized I needed to go back and review the robes I didn’t bring home. What a stack I brought home on that trip! While the pile was big, the actual sewing time took less than taking the robes off the hanger and putting it back on! Not a big deal. But the zippers? I fixed one of them and the other two will be replaced by two good zippers in otherwise unusable robes that are simply beyond repair…something many resourceful women learned during the Great Depression of the/ 1930’s.

My sewing room was blue all over, surrounding me and my sewing machine. I took ownership of the project. I liked it. I dreaded it. I pushed myself to start this and I am glad I did. I had been in such a funk and really needed to get out of it. My wise 12-year old granddaughter knew this would be good for me. In the meantime, I helped my daughter sew two skirts and made her a laptop bag. It was good to be back in the groove again. My mind is full of ideas like visions of sugarplums, only things to sew or crochet instead.

The students made me a huge card, cleverly designed with musical notes and signed by all. It means a lot to me. What is most important though is the appreciation of what I could give. I called my granddaughter and thanked her for asking me to mend the robes. I know I got just as much out of the project as the students who will wear these robes during their performances.  I am so blessed to have been asked to mend these robes, not for the glory or praise but for the opportunity to serve. 

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