Friday, April 29, 2011

Choose to be Happy Now...not when you have accomplished your goals...

The time to be happy is now.  I am not sure who said that but now is the time to choose to be happy whatever my circumstances.  It works for me to "choose" to be happy.  I have been a slacker, on and off again successful with my goals.  The result is a slow effort and I mean slow to achieve my weight loss goal.

I have also slowed down on my exercise, which means I have lost some of the muscle I gained before. 
I can make myself miserable now for not meeting my goal or learn from my mistakes and forge a new path with manageable goals. First off is an examination of my heart and the goals I want to achieve.  Not having the right goals sets me back whether it is eating, exercising, getting enough sleep or having fun sewing my multitude of ideas that wait in the sewing room. 

Yes there is so much to do and so little time but planning and paying attention to my goals offers so much more for me to accomplish. In the process, I choose to be happy along this path.

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