Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Thursday

Easter is coming Sunday and for the next three days I will be reflecting on Jesus.  Tonight I will remember the Last Supper.  Tomorrow is Good Friday, a day when our world changed forever when Christ was crucified.  Sunday brings the resurrection and new life.  As it snows here, I think of winter, not the coming celebration that is long associated with spring.  No matter, Easter will still come.
Growing up the days between Thursday and Sunday morning were long. My mind was on coloring eggs and the opportunity for a lot of candy.  Nowadays, I wonder how many will think of the real reason we celebrate Easter.  The mall has an Easter Bunny that children can have their pictures taken with.  Just like Santa.  When did Easter become a holiday of gifts and Easter trees and life-sized bunnies?  I long for the days we had our candy and colored eggs; we went to church and had ham for dinner.  We kept it simple.  Perhaps when my grandchildren are adults with families of their own Easter will become just like Christmas; commercial and overwhelming,

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